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Workshop: Finding a Story in Data

Tuning in to Pteropods

Living Barometers of Ocean Acidification

Workshop for Educators



6th grade through Community College Teachers


Research Cruise, OA Lab, NOAA OA Lab Tour, Ocean Data Computer Lab


University of Washington, Seattle


Friday, August 15, 2014; Saturday, August 16, 2014, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Expand your experience with, and knowledge of, data and curriculum to help students understand, OA, pH, fragile marine ecosystems, environmental impacts in the Puget Sound

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Spend Two Days with the Experts!

Dr. Nina Bednarsek, NOAA PMEL, Pteropod Researcher

Dr. Fritz Stahr, UW, Physical Oceanographer

Meg Chadsey, WA Sea Grant Ocean Acidification Specialist

Dr. Jan Newton, APL-UW, NANOOS and WA OA Center

Research Cruise - Collecting Oceanographic Data

We will sample several sites on Puget Sound, collecting data on the physical, chemical, and biological conditions in central Puget Sound. Plankton tow to capture Pteropods to take back to lab.

Lab tours and experiments

We will tour the NOAA OA Lab and practice simple labs to illustrate important concepts about OA and its effect on marine plants and animals.

Work with online sources of data and information

We will get an introduction to online data and resources from PNW regional ocean observing efforts and practice analyzing and interpreting different data profiles.

Register NOW: This workshop is free and limited to 20 educators

Registrations available at accepted through August 7 Free Clock-hours & Certificates of Participation upon request Stipends ($50) for follow-up activities will be provided.

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