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NANOOS Community Workshop

25 March 2022

Delivering Coastal and Ocean Observations in the Pacific Northwest

NANOOS held its virtual community workshop on 25 March 2022. The event focused on two main objectives:

  1. How can we improve the system?
  2. How do we increase the visibility of NANOOS?

We examined three topics that showcase some of NANOOS’s most successful products to try and help answer these questions: Fisheries, Coastal Hazards, and Safe Navigation. Users from many different communities, sectors, and disciplines attended the workshop and provided exceptional input for future NANOOS product design and outreach targets. We will continue this user dialogue in a future NANOOS Webinar Series. Thanks to all who participated!


Why We Are Here

Jan Newton, Executive Director

Fisheries: Tuna Use Case

Roxanne Carini, NANOOS Oceanographer
Mark McCulloch, Oregon Tuna Fisher

Coastal Hazards: Tsunami Evacuation Use Case

Jonathan Allan, NANOOS UPC Chair
Lee Hiltenbrand & Linda Koslowski, Nehalem Emergency Volunteer Corps

Safe Navigation: Boaters Use Case

Rachel Wold, NANOOS E&O Chair
Margaret Pommert, NASBLA Safe Boating Instructor

Key Take-Aways

Regional Coastal Observing Systems



Central and Northern California

Great Lakes

Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Islands


Northeast Atlantic

Pacific Northwest

Southern California

Southeast Atlantic